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Quest Help

Questing has long been a tradition on HexOnyx, giving players a chance to take a break from the monotony of levelling to challenge themselves and compete with other players. A range of rewards exist for questing, from gold and potions, to components and equipment for higher stake competitions. Your eq is safeguarded in quests unless otherwise mentioned.

On Hex, quests are run by Questing Immortals. They are not pre-programmed, and participation is not required for gaining.

The 'quest' command will put a flag in your title indicating that you wish to participate in a quest announced by another character. This also allows you to hear and be heard on the quest-channel.

Help is available for specific quests, once you're connected to Hex: type in HELP QUESTS for a complete listing of currently available quests. Choose any quest from the list for additional help on the topic. A listing can also be accessed via the quest-types list.

Components (or comps) are objects that you collect thru questing or haggling with your fellow MUDders. Collect them in order to buy quest eq [Eq which is better then in game eq] thereby improving your character. The current list is always found in Mistress Drucilla's shop (N,W,N of the Town Center in Present Drag'adim.)

Buybacks and Potion Trade-Ins
Drucilla offers the trading in of quest potions for components. She offers 1 random component per 10 quest potions traded in and 1 component of your pick per 15 quest potions traded in. She will accept the following potions:

  • a Can of Whoop-Ass
  • Vox's Potion of Power
  • Marduk's Elixir of the Gods
  • a red quest potion
  • a potion of defense
  • some nectar of life

Mistress Drucilla is happy to buyback any quest items she currently sells. She will buy your quest eq back for one-half the cost option two total component price. You will get none of the gold or ingame eq back. The compents you recieve must be made up of the components types needed to make the quest eq you are selling. You get to pick which components you get back. You can never get more of a specific type of component then is needed to purchase the item at the cost two quest store pricing option. All items sold back must be imprinted to the character that sells it.

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