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MUD Clients

  • gMUD
    gMUD is one of the most popular FREE MUD clients. It supports ANSI color, simple trigger and alias functions, and multiple character profiles. Unless you want to run a sophisticated bot, this is the client to get - you can't beat the price, anyway. (alternate download site)
  • Zugg Software
    Zugg's MUD Client (zMUD) is one of the best shareware clients available. If you want some nice features and are willing to pay for them, this is the place to go. zMUD offers free upgrades forever and the price is around $30.
  • WinTin
    Many MUDders swear by TinTin, one of the first great MUD clients, and WinTin, the Windows version of the original. Wintin is free, and although it doesn't sport quite as flasy a user interface as some other newer clients, it still has all the same gut features.<
  • VanDyke CRT
    VanDyke offers a wide range of quality networking software, including this excellent telnet client, used and endorsed by several Hexonyx coders and immortals. Its main claim to fame is that it supports full color and is generally a solid piece of software, but it also supports strong encryption and other extra Telnet features not used by Hexonyx. Cost is about $35.


All wallpapers are 1024x768. To download, click the image to open in Internet Explorer, then right-click on it and select Set as Background.
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