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There are a few different ways to connect to the game:



MUD Client

  • gMUD
    gMUD is one of the most popular FREE MUD clients. It supports ANSI color, simple trigger and alias functions, and multiple character profiles. Unless you want to run a sophisticated bot, this is the client to get - you can't beat the price, anyway. (alternate download site)

  • Zugg Software
    Zugg's MUD Client (zMUD) is one of the best shareware clients available. If you want some nice features and are willing to pay for them, this is the place to go. zMUD offers free upgrades forever and the price is around $30.

  • WinTin
    Many MUDders swear by TinTin, one of the first great MUD clients, and WinTin, the Windows version of the original. Wintin is free, and although it doesn't sport quite as flasy a user interface as some other newer clients, it still has all the same gut features.

  • VanDyke CRT
    VanDyke offers a wide range of quality networking software, including this excellent telnet client, used and endorsed by several Hexonyx coders and immortals. Its main claim to fame is that it supports full color and is generally a solid piece of software, but it also supports strong encryption and other extra Telnet features not used by Hexonyx. Cost is about $35.


If you'd like to use a regular telnet program to connect to Hexonyx, you may have to enter the address in one of two ways. If the program gives you a separate "port" setting besides the "host," then you should enter for the host and 7777 for the port. However, if your program only asks for the target host, then depending on the program, you either have to enter " 7777" or "" (no quotes, and note the colon in the second version). If you have a MUD client, it will almost always give you a separate field for the port, so this isn't an issue.

Hexonyx supports fully customizable ANSI color, and most players prefer to keep their color turned on - by color-coding different types of information, gameplay becomes much easier, both on the player and the player's eyes. However, although most MUD clients support ANSI color, many Telnet clients do not. If you're not sure whether your client can display color or not, it won't hurt anything to turn it on in the game and find out. Terminals that do not support ANSI color will simply display the ANSI control coders literally, so you'll start seeing things like ]0;37m interspersed with the MUD's output. If this is the case, we recommend you download a MUD client or a more sophisticated Telnet client, so you can take full advantage of what Hexonyx has to offer.


Understanding Races

Many humanoid races abound throughout the world of HexOnyx Mud, and many members of those races are played by players. Races have physical distinctions as well as advantages and limitations.


Stats and Attributes

Many humanoid races abound throughout the world of HexOnyx Mud, and many members of those races are played by players. Races have physical distinctions as well as advantages and limitations.

The race you pick will affect how well your character gains hit points, magic points, and recovers from travelling. For example, a magic user wants to have high intelligence and wisdom. A race with high dexterity is a natural to become a thief. A character with a high strength attribute should consider becoming a warrior.
Bear in mind while picking a race that Hex has a tri-class system. Choose your race based on what your LAST class will be. For example, if you plan to be a thief/cleric/warrior, choose a race that has a high strength attribute.

All numbers refer to a base of 14:

  Str Int Wis Dex Con Cha
Sylvan Elf+1-1-1+100


Additionally, your race determines your maximum stats as follows:

  Str Int Wis Dex Con Cha
High Elf172018191719
Sylvan Elf191817201817


Racial resistances to certain elements are as follows:

High Elf-2-2+1+2+5
Sylvan Elf-2-1+2+1+6


Innate racial effects are as follows:

High ElfDetect Magic
Sylvan ElfDetect Align
GnomeDetect Invis
Human+1 practice per level




High Elf

High elves are ancient creatures, slight of build and well-versed in the workings of magic. Elves dwell primarily in forested valleys, far from the workings of man.

Initial Stats:141514141315
Maximum Stats:172018191719



Innate Effect: Detect Magic


Sylvan Elf

Sylvan elves are ancient creatures, slightly fairer of skin and hair than their high elf cousins, more reclusive, and certainly more alien to the ways of humanity. They are at a first glance capricious and flighty, seeming to waste inordinate amounts of time which they no doubt have to spare.

Initial Stats:151313151414
Maximum Stats:191817201817



Innate Effect: Detect Align



Gnomes are short, stocky demi-humans which dwell in the depths of the hills and rocky terrain. They are swift and crafty and known to be friendly.

Initial Stats:141415141314
Maximum Stats:171919191717



Innate Effect: Detect Invis



Trolls are huge, crude, violent humanoid creatures that often prey on the flesh of man. They are ill-mannered and repugnant, to say the least. Trolls are solid and strong, yet not terribly bright.

Initial Stats:151313141513
Maximum Stats:201616182016



Innate Effect: Regeneration



Hobbits are a stocky, diverse race of people that live underground in small boroughs. They are exceptionally dextrous, making excellent thieves, though hobbits are known to be adept at all classes.

Initial Stats:131414151414
Maximum Stats:161818201818



Innate Effect: Bless



Dwarves are short, hardy creatures known for their superior workmanship of weapons and armor, and their love of fine food and drink. They tend to dwell in mountainsides and other secure, mine-like areas, as this is where they feel most at home, and probably most safe.

Initial Stats:141414131514
Maximum Stats:191718172017



Innate Effect: Infravision



Humanity is the most common race in the lands, being well-balanced and widely varied in talent and predilection. They are known for their love of exploration, as well as a tendency to war and a rather short lifespan.

Initial Stats:141414141414
Maximum Stats:181818181818



Innate Effect: +1 practice per level


Intro to Class/Guild System

HexOnyx has a unique guild system. Upon first begining the game, all players are Freelancers. Freelancers have minimal basic survival skills, no spells, and little mana. Players may remain as Freelancers until level 5, but may elect to join a guild before then.

When the player chooses, he or she may join another guild by typing 'join' in the presence of the guildmaster of the guild he or she wishes to join (Note that the requirements to join a second and third class are higher.).

Each guild is associated with one prime attribute, which is considered to be essential to the ways of that guild. You must have at least 14 points in this attribute to join the guild as a first class. Prime attributes are listed below.

Prime Attribute

The 'join' command allows you to join guilds. Enrollment in new or additional guilds can have high costs in gold, stat points, and practices. You may rejoin a previous class if you first 'forget' all the skills and spells you had previously acquired in that class.

Later guilds may also be joined, creating a 'multiclass' character.



Some characters opt to dedicate their entire self to mastering all of the abilities of a single guild. By dedicating oneself to being pure to their guild, they sacrifice learning the abilities of other guilds by multiclassing.

Pure class characters receive more practices than a triclass characters. A pure also will receive slightly modified gains. A pure warrior has less use for mana than a warrior that is also able to heal (past cleric). So in leveling, a pure warrior will gain more hitpoints, and fewer mana. In addition, the extra practices may be used to train even more hitpoints.

In addition to the benefits listed above, a pure gains special abilities that the guildmasters are unwilling to otherwise share with normal members. Clerics are taught the most intense healing spells. Mages are taught how to multiply the affects of their spells. Warriors are less penalized by their actions. Thieves inflict even more damage. Monks inflict more damage and take even less.

Although pures have abilities unmatched by any others, their single-minded focus causes them weaknesses in many areas. Pures are much more reliant on others, but bring an even greater benefit to a group.



After joining a primary guild, you may wish to explore alternate guilds as a 'multiclass' character. The procedure for becoming a multiclass character is the same as joining your first guild, by using the 'join' command. You may be a member of no more than three guilds, and you cannot transfer practices across guilds. The requirements and costs also increase with each guild you join:

Minimum level:n/a3550
Minimum prime attribute:141516
Cost in practices:023
Cost in gold:050k500k

Upon joining a new guild, you will be advanced to level ONE, with hit points and mana accordingly set. You will only be able to rejoin your original guild by using the 'forget' command to relinquish all of your skills and spells originally acquired in that class. You will not be able to practice any of the skills or spells of your previous guilds, even if new skills or spells are added. Skills and spells above level 49 may only be used if your current class offers that skill or spell. All skills and spells under level 50 may be used as soon as you attain the level required to use that skill or spell.



The 'gain' command is used at the appropriate guildmaster to advance in level when enough experience (and hence a credit) is earned. Credits can also be used to train one's attributes at the trainer.

The 'practice' command enables you to improve your aptitude with the skills or spells that you have learned. This command must be used at a guildmaster for your class, who will help you obtain the knowledge you seek.

Typing 'practice' alone will list the number of practice sessions you have remaining, the skills or spells that you may practice, and your ability in each. Typing 'practice <skill or spell>' will improve your aptitude, until you have become fully learned (or run out of practice sessions, whichever comes first).

Practice points or practices are given to you with each level that you gain. They can be saved or used to train. It is not possible to exceed 125 practice points, for the mind cannot store this excessive potential.


Gentry/Combo Skills

Once a player has reached gentry, they are able to gather all of the knowledge and abilities that they have acquired and to perform new feats that draw from all of their classes. The abilities focus mainly on their current class, but require and draw from their previous.

Following are the abilities that a gentry may learn. The current class is along the top, required past class for that skill is listed along left.

MONKfuryXXXXXXXXstancespirit fistfocus



The clerics are the religious sect of the world. Members of the cleric guilds are given the wisdom of peace, blessing, and healing, as well as certain spells used to wreak havoc on the unrighteous. Clerics are more skilled in combat than all save the warriors. The primary attribute of clerics is wisdom.

Cleric Spells

(1)Cure Light10(15)Poison20(31)Rejuvinate30
(2)Armor15(15)Remove Poison8(31)Regeneration25
(2)Cause Light15(16)Create Spring5(32)Calm40
(4)Create Food10(16)Group Armor30(33)Summon50
(4)Create Water5(17)Dispel Evil25(33)Word of Recall10
(5)Detect Poison10(17)Dispel Good25(35)Flamestrike40
(6)Cure Blind5(19)Disease10(36)Call Follower35
(7)Bless25(19)Cure Disease20(39)Group Heal60
(7)Cure Serious10(21)Curse50(40)Full Heal100
(8)Cause Serious15(21)Remove Curse25(43)Call Minion45
(9)Detect Align25(23)Group Infra40(48)Group Recall75
(9)Detect Invis10(25)Heal40(50)Holy Word40
(10)Pray (Skill)0(25)Harm45(50)Unholy Word40
(11)Infravision10(27)Sanctification30(52)Call Soldier65
(11)Waterwalk20(27)Sanctuary75(55)Dispel Magic75
(12)Earthquake25(28)Aid35(55)Pulse Heal105
(13)Protection from Evil10(28)Magical Vestment30(58)Visitation50
(13)Protection from Good10(29)Animate Dead35(60)Total Recall25
(14)Cure Critical15(30)Cure Bite25(61)Group Sanctuary150
(14)Cause Critical15(30)Cure Paralysis75(63)Call Champion75
      (65)Remove Cut300



The mages are those that follow the laws of magic ordained in the Enlightenment, to control the magical cords of force that gird the world for their own gain. Mages are weak fighters, but have at their disposal all forms of powerful and violent magics, save those of blessing and healing which derive from the gods themselves and hence are the forte of clerics. The primary attribute of mages is intelligence.

Mage Spells

(1)Magic Missile10(19)Energy Drain15(38)Slow25
(2)Detect Magic10(21)Fly20(40)Cone of Cold30
(3)Detect Invis10(22)Fireball20(40)Dispel Magic75
(4)Chill Touch10(23)Weakness30(41)Stone Skin20
(5)Armor15(24)Pass Door40(43)Petrification45
(6)Infravision10(25)Drain Corpse25(48)Disintegrate35
(7)Burning Hands10(25)Ice Storm20(50)Enlighten70
(10)Shocking Grasp15(26)Enchant Armor100(55)Power Word Die55
(12)Blindness25(28)Creeping Doom25(56)Stone Neck50
(12)Sleep25(30)Charm Person50(59)Fumble50
(13)Lightning Bolt15(30)Curse50(60)Soulsurge25
(15)Invisibility25(31)Haste35(61)Meteor Shower55
(15)Study (Skill)0(31)Fireblast35(64)Slay55
(15)Enchant Weapon100(33)Locate Object30(66)Conjure Elemental70
(16)Color Spray15(34)Chain Lightning25(67)Gate100
(18)Giant Strength40(35)Dragon Talon25(69)Death spell100
(18)Group Infra40(36)Acid Blast35



The monks are the enlightened teachers of the world, employing patience and understanding to further their goals. They are excellently trained in hand- to-hand combat, but refuse to use weapons or shields of any kind. They are also well-known for their magical prowess, but they choose to harness this ability differently than many orders - while spellcasters will tend to spend their mana in short, controlled bursts to create a magical effect, monks prefer to employ their mental energies as a continuing source of reinforcement. The primary attribute of monks is constitution.

Monk Skills

(1)Stone Hands(34)Third Attack
(5)Meditate*(37)Stigma Magic
(8)Dragon Feet*(42)Strength of the Bear
(10)Second Attack(47)Tiger Palm
(12)Bodyslam(52)Javelin Fists
(15)Balance of the Crane(55)Spirit of the Dragon
(19)Grand Slam(57)Attune
(24)Dispel Self(61)Fourth Attack
(29)Speed of the Wolf(64)Chakra
(31)Fatal Steps(66)Toss
* Current class only.



The thieves of the world are those who rely on guile and trickery to gain their end, rather than brute force or magical might. To that end, thieves have a wide range of unusual skills to suit their needs, and are well suited for exploring areas that others cannot reach. Thieves are slightly worse fighters than clerics, and like warriors, they cannot cast spells. The primary attribute of thieves is dexterity.

Thief Skills
(1) Sneak(20) Dodge
(2) Night Vision(25) Second Attack
(2) Pick Lock(27) Throw
(3) Backstab(30) Cutthroat
(4) Steal(31) Circle
(5) Hide(35) Assess
(6) Track(40) Parry
(11) Trip(52) Backflip
(15) Retreat(55) Limber
(18) Sand(60) Dual Wield
(62) Poison Weapon(64) Stealth



The warriors are the skilled swordsmen of the world. They are the strongest and most skilled in combat, and have at their hands a wide array of combat- related skills, but cannot cast magical spells of any sort. The primary attribute of warriors is strength.

Warrior Skills
(9)Track(40)Third Attack
(15)Second Attack(65)Fourth Attack

Dual Classes

Adventurers who wish to completely combine the skills and talents of two classes can do so by joining one of the prestigious dual guilds. Each guild provides training that allows the use of the most powerful spells and skills from each of the previous guilds, in addition to a few extra abilities.

Illusionists - A combination of magic-users and thieves.
Templars - A combination of clerics and monks.
Assassins - A combination of warriors and thieves.
Paladins - A combination of warriors and clerics.

You must have reached at least level 65 in both prerequisite classes before you can join one of these guilds.



Illusionists combine the stealth and trickery of thieves with powerful black wizardry to create deceptive magics intended to distract their opponents as they prepare to strike. Illusionists depend greatly on the element of suprise and thus at a disadvantage during combat. The primary attributes of illusionists are dexterity and intelligence.

Illusionist Spells Illusionist Skills
(30) Improved Invis40(70) Precognition....
(33) Identify10
(40) Smokescreen55
(47) Faerie Fire50
(50) Clone45
(60) Sense life90
(64) Confusion75
(70) Blur50



Templars combine the religious and spiritual backgrounds of the clerics and monks. They are formidable fighters and very skilled in the ways of healing and holy magic. The primary attributes of templars are wisdom and constitution.

Templar Spells Templar Skills
(60) Barrier50(40) Sacrifice
(68) Final Wrath64(54) Mantra
(70) Herblore45
(70) Spirit Fist75



The Assassins are a dangerous combination of the quickness of the thieves and the brute strength of the warriors. They are second to none in melee combat and can skillfully use nearly any weapon. They do not believe in the use of magic. The primary attributes of Assassins are dexterity and strength.

Assassin Skills
(28) Gouge
(40) Forge
(46) Firewheel
(57) Backdraft
(70) Evasion
(70) Snare



Paladins are warriors with healing magic deeply devoted to some kind of religious cause. While some may be pure of heart and dedicated to helping others, there can also be anti-paladins who join the dark causes and seek to promote chaos and disorder. Their chosen path dictates how they use their powers.

Paladin magic is closely tied to the power of their swords. Because of this, they spurn all other types of weapons.

Paladin Spells Paladin Skills
(41) Stasis Sword30 (32) Cover
(46) Crush Punch55 (70) Tithe
(50) Night Sword40[Evil](70) Absorption
(60) Dark Sword50[Evil] 
(50) Lightning Stab60[Good] 
(60) Holy Explosion70[Good] 

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