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Quest Types


Trivia King of The... Mobkill Clue Plot Tag Scavenger Hunt Tug/Rumble Gambling
Beat the Imp
Beat the QM
Music Trivia
Name Me
Thinking Cap
Blood Quest
King of the Class
King of the Hill
Fleeing Mob
Kill Me
Kill Me Vince
Mob Kill
Pac Man
Smart Mob
Speed Quest
Clue - Mercenary
Feed Me
Find Me
Potion Quest
Rescue Me
Hit Man
Tag Quest
Broma's Scavenger Hunt
Scavenger Hunt
Last Man Standing
Royal Rumble
Vox Tug

Trivia Quests

Beat the Implementor/
Beat the QM

Although untouchable in the physical realm of Hexonyx, the immortals occasionally deign to do battle with the people of the realm in a different way. This battle of the minds is a race between the questors and the designated Imp or Quest Master to a number of correct answers, usually between five and ten. If a questor proves his worthiness by beating the immortal to that goal he/she earns a component. Each questor individually races the immortal and if all the questors prove their superiority all may win components! However, beware, the immortal gets to choose the subject of the competition and if they reach the goal first then nobody receives anything.

The immortal giving the questions also receives points if nobody can answer the question in a reasonable amount of time. If they reach the goal before you do then that will also keep you from your component.

(help quest submited by Styrofoam)

Music Trivia MusicTrivia is a chance for people to bring their real life knowledge of various musical genres into their play at HexOnyx for fun and profit. The immortal running this quest may choose to award a component, or may award a monetary gift to the winning player/players. Since music has been integral in the past to human expression throughout time and cultures, a chance to use this knowledge on HexOnyx is being offered.

Name Me Name me is a trivia quest with a twist! The Questor asks questions that can have with more than one possible correct answer. Example: "Name any mortal currently logged on the game." The first participant to name a mortal in the game is Awarded a point. The game ends on the point limit set by the Questor, however, it must be won by at least 2 points.

Thinking Cap Thinking cap trivia will test your knowledge of semi-worthless tidbits of of information about the world called Hexonyx. To add a little challenge to the quest, the winner must answer 10 correct answers, and be leading by 2. The prize is the coveted Thinking cap. This quest is a Bi-Monthly occurance, so watch the boards for when the next shall happen.

King of the...

King of the Class

All classes and levels invited. This quest is to find out who the best of each class is through honorable fighting in a Tug room. Each particapant is entered randomly into a braketed system and all fighting is supervised by an Immortal. Wands and potions are ALLOWED in the preporation rooms with water fountains, blood fountains and sheep for your pleasure. Wands and potions are NOT permited in the battle zone. DO NOT PREPARE FOR THIS FIGHT! Each participant WILL BE KILLED before the fight begins. Before the fighting begins, each participant WILL bow and dice for first hit. The participants WILL announce on the channel when they are ready to begin before the fight starts. The KOTC is Single Elimination. A losers bracket will be constructed and will end to show the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place for each class. Awards will be at the Immortal throwing the quest's descression. Any componentS and Items awarded are the winners to keep as Imprinted items where applicable. If indeed a KOTH is thrown after the KOTC is preformed, that quest will be separate from the rules applied here.

You will have 3 days to fight your battle. If you were online but could not meet up with your opponent your fate will reside in dice. If your char wasn't online at any time during those 3 days you will be disqualified. Any Imm can oversee this quest.

King of the Hill

This is a quest of strength and luck. King of the Hill consists of 4 rounds and a final. Each round is much similar to a bloodquest. All of those who enter a round are transferred to 1 rumble room. When the quest begins all the people in the room fight each other until there is only one person left standing. This one person advances to the final round where he will face the winners of the other 3 rounds.

Round 1-4 : 1 room.
Final : An arena of 5 rooms.

The winner of the FINAL round recieves the crown of the King of the Hill and MUST defend it in the NEXT final. Also, the winners of each round are not allowed to play in any other rounds before the final AND the KING may not play in any of the rounds before the NEXT final.

The rewards are as follows: Winner of a round : Advancement to finals
Most kills in one round : ??
Winner of final : the Crown of the King of the Hill

No potions, wands or scrolls are allowed in any part of the quest. You are not allowed to leave the room before the conclusion of the quest.

Mob Kill

Chipmunk A bunch of a mob type in varying versions of strengths -like chipmunks or frogs- are loaded in the RIP zone. Some of them have clues on them. Players enter the zone, and kill both eachother and the mobs. The person with the most clues at the end of the time limit wins. Usually one clue is taken away as the cost of a transfer back to the zone, but if there aren't any clues; you get back in for free.


The Quest Imm. loads any number of Oriental Sages in an area, each holds a fortune cookie. The Imm will provide you with a clue to where the sages are hiding, and it is then your mission to find and kill as many sages as you can in order to get their fortunes. You must open the cookie, then remove and read the fortune in order to see if you have won, the cookies are timered, so make sure you check as soon as the quest is over and give the winning fortune to the Questing Imm.

The quest ends when all the sages have died and the prizes are re- deemed. This quest is usually played with 1-3 components as prizes, depending on the number of players participating.


Eventually, we all die. Fortunately on this mud, we come back! When you die, you will be sent to the main menu of the mud, at which point you are free to sulk, drink coffee, or reenter the game immediately. You will be reincarnated by the gods and left naked, with only your balance in the bank and your wits to keep you alive. Occassionally a death is so severe that you will find yourself permanently weakened. In any case you will find it difficult to move, cast spells, or engage in combat until you rest.

Items on your person are left inside your corpse until it decays, in the room where your death occurred. Newbie corpses (level 10 and lower single class) appear in the present donation room. The exception to this is when you step in a "death trap". When this happens, you are left with all your equipment, but you will be weakened as if you had died during battle. Also, there exist rooms in the world which have been blessed in some way, such that dying in combat there will yield the same result as stepping into a death trap - these rooms are referred to as "nice death."


Single Team Dice Quest: 3 players are selected by the team to dice one time. Each number represents a certain mob on a list of 100 mobs. These mobs are then told to the participants and placed in 1 of 3 rooms. The participants must defeat all 3 mobs within 12 ticks to be rewarded for thier efforts. If the participants do not like what they rolled, they may choose to redice for a penalty of 3 ticks.

Team Dice Quest: The particpants are seperated into 2 groups. Each group dices 3 times and follows the rules above with the exception that instead of having 12 ticks to complete the task, it is a race between the 2 teams playing. First team done gets a prize. There is a 3 minute penalty for rerolling.

NOTE: No Wands, Potions or MBA's may be used.

Fleeing Mob

The Questor chooses or constructs an appropraite mob (example mob # 6895 Kelly, Madness's ex girlfriend) and switches/becomes it. He then taunts the mortals via gossip or ooc channel into killing him. However, when the fight begins the Questor immediately flees, forcing the mortals to chase the mob.

As an added bonus recall scrolls CAN be used to "steal a kill" (ie. If a mortal has the mobs hp down to a low level and a competitor recalls the him in combat with the mob the competitor CAN then finish off the mob.

Credit and kill is given always to the mortal who deals the final blow. The mob used should not be easy. There whould always be a chance that a one on one encounter with this mob could result in a non-rumble death.


The Gauntlet Quest is not just a quest based on brute power. If you are to complete this quest you will need a combination of brain's and braun and without one of these elements you may fail miserably.

Your group will have to pass through a set amount of room's with mob's in them. The strengh of the mob will be a challenge based on the size and level of the group. Each mob holds a key to the next room. The questor will meet your group at the finish line with your reward.

*The questor may choose to set a time limit on your run.
*The questor may or may not allow you the use of external magic (wands etc.)

Invasion The Invasion quest is a quest in which a team hunts down mobs in order to receive that bounty that is placed on these mobs by the Questor. The mobs can either be a bunch of the same mobs or multiple mobs rallied together to destroy the opposition, YOU!

Kill Me The Kill me quest is a quest that is kinda like a seek and destroy. The Questor goes invis and switches into a mob and spouts on the ooc channel to let you know what it is. With the your keen knowledge of mobs you are to then seek out this mob and kill it. Now there may be mobs that are mult- iple but the correct mob is often marked with some sort of prize ,such as a potion, wand, or ring.

Kill Me Vince

The quest requires knowlege of the various area's in all time zone's. The Quester switches into various mobs around the mud then taunts the mortals via gossip/ooc to reveal its location and anger participants to come kill him.

Restrictions are as follows:

  1. The Mob/Questor must be able to see which mortal deals the final blow. (ie. don't hinder his vision via spells.)
  2. No area-spells Including earthquake or roar. mobs must be faught one on one.
  3. Recall scrolls CAN be used in this quest to recall opponents and steal kills
  4. Low level Killme's include mob levels that of watches, bugs, Erics, etc... Higher levels Killme's include mob levels that of golems, t-1000s, elemental guardians, etc...

Mob Kill

The Mobkill quest is a quest in which the Questor creates a mob or mobs for a group to kill. If your team is able to do this, then you receive you reward. The room,rules,and style all depends on the Questor. Level restrictions may occur.

Some of the more common mobkill mobs are:
Click to see Legion OutsideClick to see Legion Inside The Legion - An eight-armed demon with the ability to animate the dead into walking corpses, and draw them around itself for protection. When it is attacked, it begins shedding zombies, who aid their unholy master.
Click to see Death -- brrr! Death- The grim reaper, known to come upon those who have reached the end of their mortal lives. He wields a massive scythe, which can rip the soul out of any creature with a single stroke.
Click to see the Succubus Succubus - A female demon who visits men in their sleep to lie with them. The man who falls victim to a succubus will not awaken, although may experience it in a dream. Has the ability to control the hearts and minds of her victims.
Click to see Simon Belmont Simon Belmont - A member of a legendary clan of vampire hunters. He is one of the most feared enemies of all creatures of the night. He fights with a long leather whip and holy magic powers.

Pac Man

Often, ghosts invade the Rumble Room of HexOnyx. Though this is a truly scary occurrence, these ghosts bring with them bags of gold which they leave on the floor of Rumble Room (one bag per room). The object of the quest is to collect as much of the gold or whatever prizes are in the zone until: a.) you are killed
b.) you clear the rumble room

Have fun and watch your back!!!

Smart Mob This is nacho typical mob killing quest! Watch out for nasty tricks while you're fighting in one of these quests; be ready for the mob to do _anything_. Pink wands, recall scrolls, and other assorted funmakers are all fair game for these guys.. so no complaining; you've been warned!

Speed Quest The Speed Quest is a quest where 2 teams will race through a possible set of 4 rooms with desired mob(s) to set difficulty to any level. In the corpses of the mob(s) will be Speed Quest Key 1-3 and in the last room will locate the Speed Quest Scissors. This will get you through the last door and to end room to tag Questing Imm to complete the quest.


A Token Quest is a fun quest of great strategy. The token quest takes place within the RIP zone so no experience is lost from death. The RIP zone also allows for automatic corpse retrievals. A time limit will be announced of approximately 20-30 minutes. The competitors attempt to kill mobs and each other and claim tokens. Each time a competitor wants a transfer, they ask the quest implementor. If the competitor has a token at the time of the transfer, they must forfeit one to the implementor. If the competitor does NOT have a token at this time, the transfer is FREE of charge.

Wands, vials, scrolls, etc. are permitted with the EXCEPTION of reciting recall on someone. NO RECITING RECALLS ON SOMEONE. All competitors must be within the quest zone at the time limit to be eligible to win. The one who retains the most tokens will be declared the winner.



In this quest, a group of adventurers begin with 1 clue from the Questee. Your group must find more clues to find more clues to finish the quest. Each quest clue will lead to a new mob to which the group will have to kill. The group is given (1 hour?) to hunt down a certain number of mobs, kill them, and take their quest clue. After all the clues are found the quest is over.

Complete this test of Mud area knowledge and you will be rewarded accordingly. Prizes and time limit determined by the Questing Immortal.

Clue - Mercenary

In this quest, adventurers are each given 1 starting clue from the Questor. Then each individual, using the clue given, must track down the mob the clue discribes, and kill it, getting a clue from the corpse of the dead mob. The adventurers have as much time as the Questor gives(average 1-2 hrs) to find all the clues and kill the last mob.

Since this is a mercenary quest, no groups are allowed. It is every man, or woman, for his(her)self. The first person to find and kill the final mob will be awarded a component or whatever prize is deemed acceptable by the Quest Imm.

Adventurers are not allowed to use area spells to kill the mob with the quest clue. They can not kill all of the clue mobs, and hide or junk the clues. They can not PK another contestant. They can not hide or store keys or do anything else that would obstruct another contestant from obtaining a clue.

Feed Me Mobs need to eat too, and often rivals will loot each others supplies in an effort to incapacitate their foes. In a typical FeedMe quest you will be hired by a very hungry mob to find and retrieve their years supply of food, killing all who stand in the way of your goal. You must retrieve all of the rations and store them in the food bin before the food rots away, which will happen a little more than 2 hours after they have been stolen. Prizes are a componentS for all finishing members of a succesful group. Often times there will be bonus EQ to dice at the end. (EQ that would regularily have loaded on the mobs involved.)

Find Me The Kill me quest is a quest that is kinda like a seek and destroy. The Questor goes invis and switches into a mob and spouts on the ooc channel to let you know what it is. With the your keen knowledge of mobs you are to then seek out this mob and kill it. Now there may be mobs that are mult- iple but the correct mob is often marked with some sort of prize ,such as a potion, wand, or ring.

I-Spy The I-Spy quest is a quest in which the questor hides oneself in an area. Once in that area the questor will give clues to their whereabouts to the participants. The people must try to find the questor and pat them on the head. The first one to PAT the questor earns one point. This quest will run 7-12 rounds. If after 5 ticks, the players cannot find the questor then the round will be held as null and no points rewarded. Money will be rewarded by the percentage of times the player won a round. Example: If you won one round and there is 7 rounds, then you earn 1/7 of the pot.


In this quest, the questee puts all the cards of a card deck on random mobs. Questors have a certain time limit (ie 1 hour) to find and kill the mobs to get these cards. Questors may also buy or trade for cards from other players on the mud that have found cards.At the end of the quest, questers make the best poker hand possible with the cards they have looted off mobs. The questor with the best poker hand wins (the questee will anounce the prize before the quest).

A questee may also put 2 joker cards on mobs that count as wild cards when making up your poker hand. The questee may also award the questor a bonus prize for finding one (a can) or both (an extra component) jokers if he/she feels like it.

Potion Quest The Quest Imm. hides a potion of their choosing and posts it to the Quest Board for the immortals to find when there isn't a Quest Imm available to run a quest. The post will include a clue as to the wherabouts of the potion and the type of potion which was hidden.



Mini Missions are tailor made quests for you and you alone and may be purchased from almost any IMM. Several types of missions are available.

You may purchase a Mini Mission with a chance to find double the amount of gold you spend on the mission for:
10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k, 60k, 70k, 80k, 90k, and 100k.

You may also purchase a Mini Mission for certain specific objectives: Chance to win a component: 200K
Chance to win a Quest Potion: 50K

If you do not solve your mission right away, they will still be there until a new uptime (reboot.) unless someone came across it and junked it. Just ask an imm to check if there is a clue in that location before you start looking for it again.

Because these are not automated and they do actually have to be done by hand, you will not be able to purchase a new mission until you have solved your previous mission or the uptime has lasped. Newbies, Lowbies and Gentries of bad luck will take comfort in knowing that you may also ask for free-missions to work off your corpse retreival.


Mini plot quests are like Plot quests except that they are much shorter and take place in zones which already exist. Though EQ is not a usual prize for this type of quest, regular zone EQ MAY* be loaded at quest time. Upon completion of the quest, each participant will receive one componentS each if they saw it through to the end. Because these can easily run over one hour, a consolation prize MAY* be offered to those who couldn't stay for the whole quest.

Note: *These awards are not required for this quest and is totally at the dis- cretion of the questing imm. -This is a group quest and the group MUST work together. (ie, it is not allowed to run ahead/teleport and summon the rest of your group. You must go through the whole thing on foot together unless permitted other-' wise.) -You may not PK a member of your group in Mini Plot Quests. -External magic IS allowed. (ie. wands, potions, scrolls, MBA...) -All EQ looted off the mobs MUST be diced among all those who have completed the quest. Autosplit should be toggled on for gold looting.


A new quest zone based on Magic: the Gathering card game and books, has been added to the game. They may be accessed ONLY by buying a special key, which will be auctioned from time to time by the questing immorts. The difficult rating of this quest is very high because there are some VERY nice pieces of equipment in there.

    Here are the rules for entering the zone:
  1. Only the person who purchases the key may decide who goes with the group.
  2. Once the key is purchased a channel will be made and the purchaser will be invited and given control of the channel to invite his group. ONLY those on the channel after 5 ticks will be allowed to go into the zone.
  3. Once the five ticks are up, the purchaser will lose control of the channel, everyone on channel will be transferred to the zone, and the gate will be unlocked.
  4. After two ticks the gates will be closed. Anyone not entering the zone at that point may NOT enter it without purchasing an additional key.
  5. Once you die, you are out of the zone until another key is offered. No keys may be offered until the zone is empty, so everyone must die first.


The Plot quest is a quest with roleplaying as your main objective. The quest is usually a drawn out version of a mobkill. Sometimes new eq can be introduced through these quests. SO dont miss out on an awesome opportunity. If you do not like to roleplay, then this is not a quest for you. Sometimes in which the best roleplayer is rewarded for the outstanding ablility to....ROLEPLAY!

Quest EQ is often rewarded in this type of quest.

Rescue Me

In the not-quite perfect world of Hexonyx the tensions between mobs have been known to get out of hand sometimes. Ocassionally you will here a mob cry out in loss of a loved one who has been abducted by an enemy. It then becomes your mission to restore peace and order in the realm by hunting down and rescuing the kidnapped from his Captor and returning him _alive_ to his proper zone, to be rewarded with a prize of components for the successful team unless otherwise stated by the Questing Imm.

A quest of this type will be overseen by the Questing Imm so corpse ret- rievals will be free, however you will be subject to gold and experience losses if you die.


A RP-QUEST (role-playing quest) is different from everything else on the MUD. In an RPquest you have NO KNOWLEDGE of the world of Hexonyx at all, You barely know the city of Draga-dim. Prizes are awarded in the form of coin, exp, components, or eq. Here are a few rules:

  1. You MUST play 'in character'. This means an evil cleric is just that, evil. And may not get along with a good or neutral player.
  2. Certain spells are not allowed due to the insanity factor. You have no knowledge of Summon, Recall, or Teleport. Casting spells like that would cause sheer insanity.
  3. Spawns are allowed but must be played as just that. If you trans in a town in front of a group of people they will kill you or attempt to. And if your not in spawn form drinking blood from a jug would cause odd reactions in your party members and the same would be true if you just ATE something that you just killed.
  4. Money is different in an RPquest, remember 5000 gold is a LOT!
  5. You may only die ONCE, with the exceptions listed below.

CLASS Rules and ABilities

Clerics -- Clerics may RESURRECT anyone they see fit. That choice is SOLELY left to the cleric, so an evil cleric, may not want to resurrect a good warrior. It is all up to the cleric.

Mages -- Mages have the ability to teleport between dimensions and time. May seem worthless but you better hope you have one.

Warriors -- Warriors are able to mend a fellow players wounds, once per mud day. When they mend a player or themselves, it gives them a full restore of hp and mana. This can only be done in a non-combat situation and at the Quest Imms discretion.

Thieves -- Thieves make take RP gear from NPC's and from PC's when they want if they roll the right number for success rate.

Monks -- Monks may, by thier devotion to all things, call upon thier god once per mud day for assitance by mob, spells or healing to the party.



Each team is supplied with a number of allies. Allies will attack members of the opposing team, some will also prevent enemies from leaving their room.

You can move your allies around by using the push command: push <name> <direction>

Allies do not like being too close to each other, so if there is more than one ally in the same room, they will push eachother out. Allies will not enter the opposing team’s territory.

Some allies have special skills and abilities. Information on each ally may be obtained by looking at them. Allies will not assist you in combat, and they will not fight other mobs. Also, be careful using area effects, as it is possible to attack your own allies.

Hit Man

This is a quest that shows how well you can sneak around or how well you can hunt.

From all the people who join, 1 person is picked by the immortal running the quest. This person is 'the hunted'. The Hunted, when selected, has 4 ticks to go hide out in the quest zone. When the 4 ticks are up, the immortal will release the other questors and the quest will begin. The hunted then has to survive for 24 ticks to be the winner, otherwise the person who kills the hunted is the winner.

Upon the condition where the hunted is killed by a mob he/she will be transferred to his/her corpse. No other assistance will be given. Also, the hunted is not allowed to leave the quest zone - if the hunted recalls or leaves, he/she will be immediately transferred back.

2 components to The Hunted if he/she evades the others in the 24 ticks
2 components to the person who kills the hunted

Tag Quest The Tag quest is a quest in which a group of people are taken to a zone and are forced to find the Jester. When you sucessfully find the Jester and tag him before he movesand others tag him, you are given a point. The one that reaches the desired point total wins. Level restrictions may occur.

Scavenger Hunt

Broma's Scavenger Hunt This scavenger hunt works much like a scavenger hunt in real life. The questor gives a group of individuals a list of items to find on the mud. The items are given a value of 1-5 and a *. The starred items are re- quired items for the group to get. The valued items are weighted with gold by the questor. This quest must be done as a group not individually. If the questor finds that the group has split apart then it is under the questor's discretion of whether to end the quest or punish the group accordingly.

Color (Tradionally Kazies Crazy Color Quest. If you dont know who Kazie was, shame on you.) - Players are given a time limit in which to find as many items of different colors as they can. Alternatively, a list of colors is given and the first person to find one of each wins.

Scavenger Hunt The Scavenger Hunt quest is a quest in which you are to mock a scavenger hunt with items from our very own HexOnyx. In this quest you will be given a list of 20 items randomly chosen by the Questor and then given the an alloted amount of time (usually 12 ticks) to find these items. The one thats completes it first or has the most(no multiples) after these 12 ticks are over...WINS!


Blood Quest The blood quest was once on HexOnyx's 'Most Wanted Quests' list, with several being run per day for different level brackets. Although there may be some variations (depending on the immortal running the quest), these basic guidelines apply to all bloodquests.
  1. No grouping allowed.
  2. All participants are placed in a single room, and when the signal is given to begin the fighting, do just that!
  3. If there is a break in the action, the immortal running the bloodquest may choose to dice the number of questers and messily separate an unlucky quester's head from his or her shoulders.
  4. No wands, staves, scrolls, potions, groups or assisting is allowed.
  5. The prize for a bloodquest is as follows: 1 component to the person with the most kills, and a restore potion to the last person left standing. As a bonus, if you break the Hexonyx Bloodquest record for most kills in a single bloodquest, you get an extra component.

Last Man Standing

The Last Man Standing Quest is a form of rumble but more of a royal rumble. It is just like the rumble and blood quests except its in a more open space. Just as the others rules are given by the Questor,if none, then everything goes.

Grouping is not allowed in this quest unless otherwise stated.

Royal Rumble

A Royal Rumble Quest is almost exactly the same as a regular rumble. But, instead of the winner receiving a component, he/she is awarded a rumble item according to thier level bracket. Also, the item goes to the last standing instead of most kills.

  1. "the Royal Rumble Medallion" is awarded to lvls 60-70. CURRENT HOLDER : Delinial
  2. "the Royal Rumble intermediate belt" is awarded to lvls 40-59. CURRENT HOLDER : none
  3. "the Royal Rumble baby medallion" is awarded to lvls 1-39. CURRENT HOLDER : none
**If a player wins a Royal Rumble 5 times in a row in the MASTER bracket, they are awarded with "the Trophy of the Royal Rumble".

There are three different level brackets making it so that all the assorted questers have a fair chance at winning:

  1. Baby Rumble - lvls 1 to 39 only
  2. Intermediate Rumble - lvls 40 to 59 only
  3. Master Rumble - lvls 60 to 70 only

The Royal Rumble can only be ran by one certain Immortal, the Rumble Master, and he/she is the only Immortal who is allowed to give out these items. Royal Rumbles are held around the 1st and 15th of every month.

Rumble The Blood/Rumble Quest is where all combatants are transed into one room after desired number of ticks are up and it's every man for himself. The rules of what's allowed and not allowed is up to the Questor and if no rules established, everthing goes and all is accepted.

Thump The Thump Quest is a quest where all participants create a lv 1 character and are armed with only wooden clubs and are in a R.I.P or Gladiator (arena) area to duke it out in 3 or more rounds til a winner wins twice. Another version can be where gold or whatever is given to enter and jackpot is given to winner.

Tug The Tug Quest is a quest where 2 captains will be chosen to pick/lead a team to victory or to death. The battle will be held in a rumble room in a one on one combat order given to the Questor before battles begin. Also the rules of what is or isnt allowed to be used in the battle will be given before battle begins, however, if no rules are given, anything goes and all is excepted.

Vox Tug The Tug Quest is a quest where 2 captains will be chosen to pick/lead a team to victory or to death. The battle will be held in a rumble room in a one on one combat order given to the Questor before battles begin. Also the rules of what is or isnt allowed to be used in the battle will be given before battle begins, however, if no rules are given, anything goes and all is excepted.



Every so often the coffers of the Immortal's auction fund overflow in a bounty of beautiful abundance, one day, HexOnyx's first warrior/monk/cleric, the Mortals approached the Immortal's with a humble proposition.

"Almighty Imms," the Mortals said, "We mortals starve for cash in this time of poverty. The clans of HexOnyx are too broke to wage their wars on one another. Why don't you Immortals show your benevolence towards us mortals, by awarding us with a Lottery... I mean for Yaz's sake, TEXAS has a lottery. If those idiots can run a proper lottery, surely the HexOnyx Imm staff can do so as well."

And it was granted. The Immortals looked down on the morts and shone a ray of hope to all mortal men. Lottery tickets will be sold for a price specified by the Immortals of HexOynx. Tickets contain lottery numbers in a specified range chosen by the purchaser of the ticket. The final prize is the advertised cash prize. In rare cases, the Imms running the quest may also auction grand prizes along with the lottery cash prize. Rare equipment, potions, or even componentS may be dispensed at the questor's discretion. Enjoy the lottery brought to you today by the letter 'J' and the number '5'. When your poor and destitute, from gambling, maybe you'll learn how to make an honest living instead of hoping to strike rich on the lottery.

Click to Launch Hex in Telnet: hexonyx.com:7777