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What's New on Hexonyx?

  • A new Downloads section is now online. Download Hexonyx wallpapers or find a new client. Make a Hex wallpaper or Buddy Icon and send it to Darrien to have it included in this section.
  • Java Client Access to Hexonyx is now available from this site! Play from work, school or the library without ZMud or GMud!

What is Hexonyx?

HexOnyx is a Multi User Dungeon (or MUD). running on port 7777 of ( port 7777). Point your clients that way and join us!

Remember the good old days of playing Dungeons and Dragons in your parents basement? Remember Zork on the Commodore 64? Hex is all that and more. A highly interactive, free alternative to playing in the new Microsoft-dominated RPG landscape, Hexonyx is a text-based, multi-player game that's been online for more than a decade. And we are free to play.

Why Should You Play Hex?

Explore 125 active areas in four time zones (past, present, future, and timeless). Experiment with different classes and races, just like you did when you played D&D. We promote ownership of multiple characters. And, when you quit, your stuff stays on your characters, so when you come back to visit us again, you can pick up where you left off last.

Need More Reasons?

  • Active player base.
  • Huge world (133 areas, with new areas and equipment added regularly).
  • Interactive quests
  • Newbie guide and areas are available to help you get started!
  • Chances to buy exclusive equipment from your gold and winnings.
  • Try as many characters as you'd like!
  • Familiar areas based on literature and movies are mixed with highly original concepts.
  • Daily events!
  • Seven races and nine classes guarantees that you won't run out of character combinations to try.
  • The pure, dual, or tri-class system of character development lets YOU decide when your character is done.

>>Read More on Getting Started with Hex<<

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Vote for Hexonyx on the Mud Connector!  Remember to cast your telnet vote by clicking on Connect to Hexonyx on the Mud Connector page.

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