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Support Hexonyx

The Hex community needs your help to support the playerbase. Our goal is to grow! We need new players and to do that, we need you! What can you do?

  • Email a Friend or Family Member
    The most effective way to attract new players is to ask people you know to join you online! You can use our handy email template or write a note of your own. Invite someone you know to play...describe all Hex has to offerL it's big, it's fun, and --best of all-- it's free!

  • Buy Hex Merchandise
    Buy gear you can wear in public, for real! Hex branded merchandise like hoodies, thongs, and baby bibs can be purchased for you and your IRL loved ones. Proceeds go towards banner ads.

  • Have a site or a blog? Download one of the banners below and place it on your site, linking back to Hex. Any traffic you can drive our way would be appreciated!

Hexonyx Banner Hexonyx Banner Hexonyx Banner

Or copy and paste the following code into your site or blog:

Click to Launch Hex in Telnet: